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PrettyRespring – Respring your iPhone in Style

People jailbreak their iOS devices mainly so that they can customize their iPhones and iPads in their style to look unique. Different Cydia Tweaks allow you to change different elements of the iOS UI and make them look different. Have you ever wanted to modify the repspring animations to something more exciting ? Well, there is a new jailbreak that let’s you do that.
Image : PrettyRespring Tweak on Cydia

pretty respring app

Called PrettyRespring, this new tweak gives you some more freedom to customize your iOS device by allowing you to change the respring animation of your iOS device. You can choose from several different animations to make the respring screen look prettier. Let’s see what more the tweak offers.

Features :

  • PrettyRespring lets you take things one step further and modify the animations shown on your screen when the device resprings.
  • Once you install the tweak from Cydia, the Apple logo is replaced by the tweak along with the screen that was last shown before the device resprings. For instance, if you were browsing with the Safari app and the SpringBoard crashed, you will see a snapshot of the Safari app while the SpringBoard is rebooting. But if your device resprings while you are on the Home screen, then you will see an image of the Home screen until SpringBoard launches again completely.
  • Even though PrettyRespring does not change a lot of things in your iOS device, it still helps your device stand out in the crowd and make it less boring. Replacing the Apple logo with something more interesting gives a fresh feel to the device and the user as well.
The PrettyRespring tweak is meant to work with crashes, but it works the best when you use the built-in respring method in your iOS device. This tweak works on iOS 9, so if you are on the latest jailbroken iOS 9 firmware, then you should surely try this tweak.
Video : PrettyRespring in Action

How to Install PrettyRespring

If you have already installed Cydia, go to the PrettyRespring package and scroll down. See the bundle ID [ org.thebigboss.prettyrespring ]. You need to copy this and add it at the end of this URL
Alternatively, you can use the URL for searching the bundle ID. Input the name of the package after query=, which looks like Then just copy and paste the bundle ID org.thebigboss.prettyrespring to the end of this URL
The tweak is available for free in Cydia, so you must definitely try it out once.

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