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SmartPass – Situation Based Passcode Enabler

Apple has always been conscious about the need of having great security mechanisms in its iOS devices, which is why it has provided some great security features like the Touch ID and Passcode. Talking about Passcodes, they are generally meant to prevent other people from accessing the device. This security feature is used by a major of iOS users to lock down their iOS devices so that no one can sneak in and take a peek into their personal information.
Image : SmartPass Jailbreak App

smartpass app

Of course, Passcode keeps your phone and its data secure, but then people have also complained that this method of keeping the iPhone secure is very tedious. It can become even more irritating when you are all alone in your comfort zone and your iOS device asks for the passcode every time you unlock it. Well, you obviously would want to cut through this tedious process and save some time, and we have got a great tweak that can help you out.
The jailbreak tweak called SmartPass (version 1.0.1) has been developed by CP Digital Darkroom and makes it easy to manage your passcode-related security mechanism. With this tweak, you can remove the passcode requirement in certain situations of your choice. In other words, you can choose when your iOS device will ask you for the passcode and when it will not. Let’s go through the features of this interesting tweaks.

Features :

  • The SmartPass tweak allows you to bypass the passcode in certain situations or locations depending upon your choice. smartpass1
  • For instance, you can add Bluetooth devices and WiFi networks to the whitelist of the tweak. So whenever you walk into the range of these networks and get connected, the tweak will unlock the passcode and your iOS device will not ask you for the passcode unless you exit that area or disconnect the networks.smartpass2 smartpass3
  • You should remember that even though you are not being asked for the passcode, you will still need to swipe to unlock the screen.
Of course, the SmartPass tweak has received a mixed response in the jailbreak community. Some users just don’t like the idea of bypassing their passcodes in some fixed areas, while others gladly welcome the new functionality.
Download :
If you feel you have used such a tweak before or have heard about it, you are right, as the CleverPin tweak is a similarly working old tweak. Meanwhile, SmartPass can be bought for $1 from Cydia.

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